About Me

Welcome to my blog!


I’m Melissa Ida and welcome to my blog, I am so glad you are here.

I was born in UK, to English and Kenyan parents. I am so blessed to have both cultures in my life. I have always loved travelling and discovering new cultures and meeting new people. The sense of adventure and exploring thrills me. I want the site to be an outlet to express my love for travelling, so I can share with the world my adventures, and to encourage more to travel. 


I am currently a Law Student and I aspire to work in Human Rights and Immigration Law.

I have always loved giving back to the world, particularly in Kenya as I have seen first hand the differences in England and Kenya, such as the lack of education for girls in rural Kenya. 

I want to share with the world my love to make a positive impact in this world and to encourage more to join my in leaving their mark.

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